Night Owl Security Add-on Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p AC Powered Camera, White (CAM-WNR2P-OU)

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Night Owl Security Add-on Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p AC Powered Camera, White (CAM-WNR2P-OU) Description

Style:Indoor & Outdoor / 1080p / AC Powered / 100 ft. Product Description Add-on Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p AC Powered Camera From the Manufacturer HD Wireless 1080p Resolution This 1080p (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels) High Definition wireless camera provides the stunning image quality you crave. With enhanced resolution, you will see intricate details with better clarity and detect threats with precision. If your existing system is not providing the coverage you need, enjoy the peace of mind this camera offers. Indoor/Outdoor AC Powered Camera Some wireless camera brands use battery-powered cameras. While this may seem like a convenience, the batteries require frequent replacement, which is a hassle. Our Indoor/Outdoor 1080p wireless camera is AC powered to help avoid this problem. Each camera comes equipped with its own camera power adapter with enough cable to install the camera in a desirable location. Real-Time Dual Sensor Alerts Night Owl’s Dual Sensor Technology detects real activity and motion, begins recording, and sends alerts that matter! Eliminates up to 90% of false alerts to your Smart Device. Two-Way Audio This wireless camera comes equipped with 2-Way Audio. This dual feature allows for audio recording and for the camera to be used as a virtual intercom via our App on your Smart Device. No Monthly Fees Night Owl does not charge any monthly fees to view or control your camera over the Internet or on a Smart Device. Benefit from multiple recording storage options with no fees, ever! Flexible Setup Options Already own a Night Owl NVR? Simply pair the camera to your NVR and increase the coverage of your home or business. If you don’t own a Night Owl security system but still want to keep an eye on things, this camera is perfect for you. This wireless camera can stand on its own by connecting to your router, bypassing the need for an NVR. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Secure, Protect, Connect How did you come up with the idea for this product? Night Owl originated from a desire to provide customers with an easy to use, cost-effective, and high-quality product. We believe that everyone should be able to secure what matters most to them. Whether for your home or business, Night Owl offers state-of-the-art technology that will help give you peace of mind, all the time. What makes your product special? While our systems are set to motion record by default, we offer multiple recording options as we understand the needs of our customers are varied. As such, you may elect to set your cameras to 24/7 or continuous record should this be a necessity for your home or business. With more effective compression and quicker delivery over lower bitrates, you will be able to quickly access your recordings remotely. Monitor your home or business on a Smart Device with our exclusive and free App for iOS and Android devices. Playback video footage from multiple cameras and systems, save videos and images directly to your smartphone or tablet, and email, text, or share recordings via social media. What has been the best part of your startup experience? The most rewarding aspect of our company is being able to provide our customers with the security they deserve. Knowing our products help protect homes and businesses with innovative and affordable technology is rewarding as well as motivating. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and understanding their needs. This has enabled us to become one of the leading security manufacturers in the U.S.

Night Owl Security Add-on Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p AC Powered Camera, White (CAM-WNR2P-OU) buy

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