Rainforest EMU-2 Energy Monitoring Unit

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Rainforest EMU-2 Energy Monitoring Unit Description

The EMU-2 energy display puts your data into your hands! Now you can have direct access to your energy information from the smart meter. The EMU-2 is so easy to use and affordable that everyone can now instantly read their smart meter energy consumption as it happens. It’s Simple: Just turn it on. EMU-2 automatically connects wirelessly to the meter. Up/Down buttons scroll through screens: Current Usage ($/hr, kW), Total/Historical Usage ($, kWh), Text Messages, Price ($/kWh), Time/Date. It’s Secure: Encrypted wireless link. Only your registered device can talk to your meter. It’s Flexible: Displays in English, Spanish, French. ***YOU MUST HAVE A SMART METER EQUIPPED WITH ZIGBEE WIRELESS, AND BE APPROVED BY YOUR UTILITY. Utilities in CA (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E), TX (Oncor, CenterPoint, AEP, TNMP), IL (ComEd, Ameren), VT (GMP), HI (KIUC), PA (First Energy, DLC, PPL) have pre-approved the EMU-2If your utility is not in the list above, contact your utility to see if you are eligible before purchasing the EMU-2.Limited time offer for Southern California Edison Customers: $25 rebate. Contact Rainforest Automation or SCE for details.

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